This video is a full setup guide for Merlin Kodi 17.3 This is a step by step how to setup Kodi Tutorial on how to install some of the Best Kodi Addons and Kodi repositories. Also shows fixes for Audio Sync and buffering issues. I will also show hot to update Kodi to the latest version. This video is great for beginners using Kodi 17.3 and shows how to install exodus Kodi 17.3.

Time Information:

Audio: 13:05
Update Kodi: 17:10
Auto Clean (Merlin): 18:50
Easy Advanced Settings: 23:15
Exodus: 26.44
Audio Sync Fix: 30:38

Easy Advanced Setting:

***Items Located in Settings (Kodi 17)***

Press wheel icon in the middle top to get to settings

1. Player Settings
2. Media Settings
3. TV Settings
4. Service Settings
5. Interface Settings
6. Skin Settings
7. Profile Settings
8. System Settings
9. System Information
10.Event Log
11. File Manager (add addons)

***Several Ways to Update Kodi (Kodi 17):***

Kodi Updater
Google Play Store (Update if not Uninstall and Reinstall)
Go to Browser and type Kodi

***How to install Add-ons (Kodi 17):***

Add source on the file manager icon by press the top middle wheel right
Add source and click on add source on the right
Type http & make sure to name it at the bottom (great one to add fusion […] and name it .fusion)
Add-ons (left menu tours middle)
Install from Zip
Unknown Sources
Install from Zip again (install fusion, xbmc-repos, english, and Repository.kinkin-1.4 zip)
Install Repository (Exodus Repository and Install (Kinkins Repo, program add-ons, install Easy Advanced Installer)

***Change Skins (Kodi 17):***

Middle top wheel icon
Skin Settings

***Parental Control (Kodi 17):***

PVR & Live TV Settings
TV Settings
Parental Control

***Changing Audio (Kodi 17):***

System Settings
Change the number of channels ( I have a 5.1 surround sound system)
Enable Passthrough
Click all the Dolby Digital, DTS, and TrueHD

***Audio not Loud Enough (Kodi 17):***

While playing the video stream go to the very right “Settings”

Audio & Subtitles Settings
Adjust “Volume”
Click on “Audio DSP”
Adjust Amplification

***Audio not Syncing (Kodi 17):***

While playing the video stream go to the very right “Settings”

Audio & Subtitle Settings
Audio DSP
Speaker/Output Setup
Adjust Audio Offset (sync with voice with audio)

***Recording (Kodi 17):***

Press wheel icon in the middle top to get to settings
PVR & Live TV Settings
System Information:
Bottom wheel icon right of power button
System Information

***Stream is stuck or video is stuck issue (Kodi 17):***

Go to Home page if you can

Click at the top icon with the brush/dusting icon and press it. You should use the icon every 4-5 days to clean cache.

If the unit does not go to the home screen, turn it off for 5-7 minutes and go back in.

***How to fix buffering and lagging issue (kodi 17):***

Click on Easy Advanced Settings
Edit Settings
Network Settings
Change the below
Curlclienttimeout to 12
Curllowspeedtime to 12
Buffermode to 2
Readbufferfactor to 5

Very Important

Go back to home on kodi, then go to system, then click on system info
The Free Memory on top: 1080 normally for 1 gb or 3000 for 2 gb
2 gb
3000 x (multiplied) by 1024 = 3072000
307200 x (multiplied) by 1024 = 3145728000 (add that number to Cachemembuffersize)
1 gb
1080 x (multiplied) by 1024 = 1105920
307200 x (multiplied) by 1024 = 1132462080 (add that number to Cachemembuffersize)

Lastly, go back to XML Backup and click on Write XML File
When done Restart Kodi and the buffing/lagging should have gone away

***Great Addon to add “Exodus”***

Exodus (look for it online and it have the fusion addon/http)
First thing you want to do is go to “accounts” and register online with each websites in the account tabs to get more streams.
Next, every 3-4 days you want to go to “tools” click it and at the bottom of the next page you will see “clear cache” and press it and hit yes.