The Money Savvy Pig is a great way  for parents to teach their kids the importance of saving, investing, and donating money. There is helpful guidance and information in the Home Kit  that comes with the pig. The student workbook and coloring books have fun and educational activities to teach kids the difference between short term savings goals and long term savings goals. It also teaches about investing and how interest works. The parent handbook contains thought provoking questions and activity suggestions. There is a CD with songs and a pdf presentation slides with more helpful information. I will say the songs are a little cheesy and would only appeal to really young children. This program is targeting 4-11 years old , so I assume the songs are intended for the 4-5 year old kids. The kit also contains a poster with a poem about being smart with your money.

The only downside with this program is that the savings app is only for iPhone and iPod. We have android devices. So we were unable to use the app. Hopefully they will develop an android version in the future. I think this is a great tool for parents to teach their children to be smart with their money and possibly a way for them to learn themselves about being more savvy with their own money. Our 7 year old was very excited when he saw the pig an enjoyed putting the stickers on his pig to represent each of his goals. He was very receptive to the material and will enjoy doing the activities and setting goals. He is already a good saver with his allowance and this will enable him to be even more savvy.

Great educational tool to teach kids about money

Fun way for kids to learn about money

Savings app only for iPhone or iPod.