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The Beautyfrizz fractionated coconut oil feels wonderful on the skin after a bath or shower. I have to say this product feel better than some of the more expensive brands of coconut oil. It leaves my skin feeling very soft and moisturized. And this feeling last throughout the day, whereas, lotions have to be reapplied hours later. My skin looks more supple and baby soft after application. This oil has a vast number of uses, you can add it to your hair conditioner, use as a carrier oil for essential oils, add baking an equal part of baking soda to create a DIY exfoliating scrub. My son has reoccurring eczema and fractionated coconut oil has done wonders to keep the eczema at bay, I simply apply it to his skin right after his bath. I have tried so many products and coconut oil has worked the best so far. This bottle will last a long time, I only use about a tablespoon or so for my whole body each time. This is a great product and about half the cost as other fractionated coconut oils I have tried. The pump makes it very convenient to apply without the mess.

The BeautyFrizz green tea facial wipes have a wonderful light scent and feel so goods on your skin. I normally use regular baby wipes and these wipes leave my skin feeling soft and moisturized, whereas, baby wipes kind of dry out my skin and have a rougher texture. The wipes are very durable and do not tear or break. You get two packs of 24 and the pack closes securely after each use.  These wipes are a great addition to my normal skin care regimen.


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