The Basics:

First,  I would like to say this list is a compilation of my favorite sites to promote my sweepstakes and contests in 2018. These sweepstakes sites are the ones I feel that I have had the most success with. There are lot of sites out there and they all want your hard earned money. I decided to write this post after a bad experience with one of them and hope others can benefit from my experience and knowledge in running a successful giveaway, sweepstakes, or contest.

I run a sweepstakes every month and I have to emphasize the importance of marketing your sweepstakes on your own Facebook and Twitter social medias several times a day.  If you don’t have a social media presence, than start today. In my opinion, Facebook and Twitter are the bare minimum every business should have. Google+ is also a great benefit and I suggest starting a Google+ page and post there as well, you can only post each post once, however, Google searches show Google+ posts higher in the ranking, as far as I can tell. I also have accumulated an awesome mailing list over the last year that has a high open rate and engagement with my sweepstakes. These build slowly but over time you will have a great fan base to market to for free.

Sweepstakes Promotion Suggestions based on my Personal Experience:

Everyone knows that Online sweepstakes and contests are an effective way to increase brand visibility while introducing new users to your blog, products and services. The key to building your own list and increasing popularity for your own social media and website is by promoting your sweepstakes or giveaway on high trafficked and effective sweepstakes websites. Most of the sites in my list below have a free option, however, if you list a free giveaway you are not guaranteed that your sweepstakes or contest will be posted on their site.

I spend approximately $40 per month on sweepstakes marketing and have an average of 2000+ people enter my contests every month, which is growing as my popularity and trustworthiness grows. My prize is usually valued between $100-$175, anything less is not exciting enough to get lots of entrants and traffic.  I hope my list helps and I am sure you will find your own favorites and the perfect combination of sites to spend your allotted marketing budget on.

Cautionary Tale:

On a negative and cautionary note: Be sure to check these sites periodically to make sure they are fulfilling the upgrade you paid for! I had a negative experience with recently, I reluctantly paid their $14.99 upgrade to have it featured in three locations on their website for the life of the giveaway as stated in the promo details. My sweepstakes was displayed in these featured areas for only two weeks and then disappeared. I also noticed that I didn’t see a substantial amount of traffic that I get from the sites I listed below. I have created a dispute with PayPal and contacted Giveaway Frenzy, so far no response. My advise is to stay away from this site unless you are only using their free promotion. In fact, my negative experience with them is what prompted me to write this blog post.

Final Thoughts:

All the sites I listed below have fulfilled their promises and I see a surge in entries when the post goes live on their sites.  I have paid for listings with all of them except the Canadian sites, however, their free listings work great if you run an international sweepstakes or contest. Every business and blogger needs a good sweepstakes marketing strategy to boost their contest entries and knowing the best sites is the first step.

The table below contains a link to each of the 10 websites (simply click on their logo), number of followers on each social media platform, range of costs for upgrades, my personal rating, and of course the minimum you will need to spend to be posted on these sites, as you can see most of them are free.
Sweepstakes Site


Minimum Cost
1 Sweeties Sweeps


19.7k8190$10 – $1005$10 minimum
2Giveaway Monkey 19,19115.5K7,1066,234$3 – $355Free to list
3 Golden Goose Giveaways1,8325,7341,2921,060$2 – $105Free to list
4 Giveaway Base30,87219.3k1,8805$5 – $464$5 minimum
5 Any Lucky Day7,3399,3370126$5 – $503$5 minimum
6 Win a Sweepstakes5,9883,76202,071$29 – $5003Free to list
7 Contest Girl3001,89000$2 – $1003Free to list
8 Contest Chest4,85500002Free to list
9 Contest Canada9791,71100$35 – $902Free to list
10$14 – $1992Free to list