Sponsor a Giveaway

Why Sponsor a Giveaway?

Giveaways are very popular and a great way to promote your brand. We have an active following on social media and sponsoring a contest will get you extra promotion, new customers, and new social media followers.

How it works

Moss Reviews will also write a blog post with the details of the sweepstakes, prizes and description of your product.

The Sponsor provides the prize(s) and ship the item(s) to the winner. Sponsor will advise which regions they will ship to, I.E., Worldwide, US only, and any other stipulations they feel are important, such as age and required actions. We will also need social media and website links to promote on the contest app.

We include your links and entrants earn entries by visiting your site, Facebook page, following on twitter, subscribing to your Newsletter, and more if applicable.

About the contest app

We use the Gleam contest app to run our giveaways and normally run them for at least 30 days, however, the sponsor can decide the duration of the sweepstakes. Gleam allows entrants to earn entries for social media actions, subscribing to a newsletter, watching a YouTube video, viewing a specific post or website and more. Moss Reviews will market the contest on all of our social medias and popular giveaway sites. In fact, all sponsored giveaways will be automatically featured on our sister site, Golden Goose Giveaways. We will provide the giveaway landing page link and embed code for the Sponsor to promote on their social medias and website.

Winners are chosen randomly by Gleam and we contact the winners via email. Once the winner has confirmed their prize the address and winner details will be provided to the Sponsor. We require tracking confirmation to send to the winner once the prize has been sent. In the event, that the prize is an electronic gift card or digital item, we will need a copy of the email confirmation proving the item was sent.

How can you get started?

Simply fill out the form below and we will contact you for more details and collaboration info.


    Giveaway Tips

    • Sweepstakers get excited when prizes are valued at at least $50 or when their are multiple prizes. Anything less than that doesn’t get a lot of entries.
    • Great photos get more entries. We will create the contest thumbnail, if one is not provided. Please note, We will need a great shot of the actual prize(s).
    • Worldwide giveaways got tons more entries. We have ran a lot of giveaways and gift cards or PayPal cash are the easiest and least expensive, since there are no shipping costs.
    • Discount codes are a great way to get more sales when we announce the winner to over 5,000 newsletter subscribers.

    Final Thoughts

    We look forward to working with you on a giveaway collaboration and have had a lot of success with our own giveaways. On average, approximately 3,000 people enter each of our giveaways and come back daily for more entries. If you are interested, please fill out the form above and we will contact you to schedule and collaborate your next giveaway.


    Check our our Current Giveaways page for an example.