Who Are They?

KORE Essentials is a US company located in San Diego, California and own the patent on their unique buckles, belts, and accessories.  They offer a wide variety of high-quality hidden track system belts. The lack of preset holes, in my opinion, makes their belts a higher value and much more versatile.  In fact, it is so easy to adjust, I can’t imagine going back to the standard belt and buckle.

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What are Track Belts and Why are They So Beneficial?

We all have changes in our weight as we grow older and let’s be honest, throughout the day. These belts eliminate the problem of outgrowing our belts. In fact, they have 40+ size points to choose from.  We are all built differently, and the one size all fits fashion is simply not the answer for most of us. Lore Essential belt points are in ¼” spaces, which means the belt wearer will get a precise and comfortable fit every time. Even after consuming those wonderful yet bloating foods like Rice and Potatoes.

Additionally, over time the standard belt holes begin to stretch and make a crease in the belt. In contrast, the KORE Essentials track belt will look and fit better longer and is easy to adjust as needed by pinching the small tab under the buckle. The hardest part is choosing from all of their great styles. I chose the Casual Fashion Belt with the EPIC buckle and absolutely love it.

Are KORE Essentials Belts High Quality?

Yes, The classic belts are double stitched and made of Full and Top Grain Leather. The Full Grade leather is considered Top Quality and ages like a fine wine.

The ratchet buckle is a patented design, and involves a spring loaded caliper vs the less reliable magnet buckle. They are made of Solid Stainless Steel or High Grade Zin-Alloy. And as stated before, very easy to adjust while wearing the belt. In fact, it only takes seconds and would be beneficial at airport security, when you are required to remove your shoes and all metal accessories.

How Do I Size My Track Belt?

Very simple. Each belt is made to fit sizes 24” to 44”, or a longer version for XL up to 54”. KORE Essentials belts have ruler marks on the back of the belt and you simply find your pants size and add 4” to allow room for growth. Take your sharpest household scissors and follow the ruled line for a nice straight edge. You then attach the buckle you chose and your done. Important note: Always try the belt around your waist before cutting.

What if I’m not Happy with My Purchase?

KORE Essentials Track Belts have a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty. Honestly, after seeing and trying this product out for myself, I cannot imagine anyone not being happy with the product. The buckle very innovative, eye catching, and really flatters the smooth leather belt. I normally wear jeans with a belt and found the KORE Essentials Casual track belt to be a major upgrade and definitely my belt of choice. 

How Quickly Can I Expect My Order?

KORE Essentials ships daily to most countries within 1-2 days from their San Diego warehouses. Any US order over $100 ships free; and rates are between $2.95 – $7.95 for standard US shipping.  International Shipping rates are between $6.95 – $18.95 for most International orders using First Class Parcel.

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My Takeaway

This is an excellent, well thought out product at a great price, especially for the quality and innovation.  They offer a belt for every taste, from Casual and Dressy Fashion Belts to Gun Belts. Do yourself a favor and try one out for yourself. You won’t regret it.

Kore Essentials Package Contents

This post was sponsored by KORE Essentials. All opinions were completely my own.