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Full Disclosure:

First I would like to say I was honored to be one of the few to receive the Soundcore Infini Pro soundbar to try out from Anker Soundcore. Although I received this soundbar for free, this Soundcore Infini Pro Soundbar Review, as well as, the opinions and views are my own.

Specs Overview:

This is an awesome soundbar and I enjoy watching my favorite shows and movies with the new Dolby Atmos surround sound technology. The sound is so rich and effectively mimics full surround sound, without the need to place additional speakers around the room. The Inifini pro boasts a 2.1 Channels with built in subwoofers and tweeters. Their speaker configuration works with Dolby Atmos to produce a 3D surround sound.

There are 3 modes to customize the sound with the media you are listening to or watching. You can choose: Movie, Music, or Voice. And this soundbar has many input options including 4K HDR and Dolby Vision pass through to 4K TV’s.

Soundcore Infini Pro soundbar Inputs

Where To See It:

I was very pleasantly surprised with the clarity of this soundbar and interested to see the price point once they are officially out on the market. You can view the product and specs on Amazon, and once they are available sometime in June 2019, you will be able to see the price and purchase this amazing soundbar for your home. We use it in our Master Bedroom, which is where we watch TV the most.

Depending on the price of this amazing compact soundbar; I may purchase one for our main TV. We currently have an expensive multi speaker system with surround sound that takes up a lot of space and honestly doesn’t really sound much better. This is a great option for smaller rooms or those that need a compact speaker system. This unit measures 36 inches in length and is very slim at approx 5 inches wide.

The Minor Flaws:

I can’t give a honest review without including the few cons of this product. The cons are not a deal breaker, by any means. There is a 7 second delay when you first turn on the soundbar, which is a little annoying, but the rich 3D sound makes you instantly forget that small wait. Secondly, the indicator lights are on the top of the unit, which makes It difficult to know the volume level or mode the speaker is in when you are comfortably sitting or lying down enjoying your shows.  They should seriously think about placing those on the front.

Soundcore Infini Pro soundbar Indicator Lights

Final Thoughts:

This is a must have for anyone that is watching TV using the internal speakers. Your world will never be the same after hearing the 3D sound from this tv speaker bar. If you already have a soundbar and looking for a change, this is a good option. We currently have several different brands throughout our home and this is by far the best.

If you are interested in checking out the full specs of the Infini Pro TV Soundbar, click here to go to their Amazon page.


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