Loot Crate Anime Odyssey  March 2019 Unboxing - Massive Fail

Warning Spoiler – Loot Crate Anime Odyssey March 2019 Box

Why is this Box such an Epic fail?

Let me start by stating the regular subscription for the Loot Crate Anime Odyssey box is $28.95. With that in mind, this box is hardly worth that price or the 2 1/2 month delay. Luckily, my 9 year old son purchased the 3 month subscription with a 50% discount. Even then, this box is still not worth that amount. He saved that money for several months and was very disappointed with the long delays and lack of thought into the contents.  

Additionally, when you subscribe, their website states that each box contains an exclusive t-shirt and figure. This box did not contain a figure; instead they threw in two different drinking cups and a Red Bull? Really… a Red Bull for boxes obviously aimed at the younger generation. It is apparent they just put a bunch of crap from past crates out of their warehouse in the box to get them shipped out sooner. If you Google this box; you will find many disgruntled subscribers on forums and blog posts that are very upset with the continual delay.

A bit more on the shipping delay – this box was suppose to ship out on March 31st, we just received the Odyssey Box a few days ago on May 25th. Here is an excerpt from their anime subscription page “Get a fun surprise assortment of official, exclusive items from the best anime & manga series (a $60+ value!) delivered to your door every month.”  Instead, each month we received a vague email stating that shipping was delayed for another month and a long list of subscription boxes with the new target ship date. So far he has received 2 of the boxes from his 3 month subscription that he paid for in February. We have purchased subscription boxes from other companies and never had an issue with delays.

This shipping issue seems to be an ongoing problem. I have read many horror stories, unfortunately, after our son purchase his subscription. My advice to anyone considering getting this for themselves or a gift, would be to look elsewhere. There are plenty of competitors out there that most likely to deliver on their promise, I.E. Funko Pop.

By No Means, Exclusive!

 Imagine all the disappointed kids out there that received these boxes as gifts or spent their allowance. Coupled with waiting months to receive a mediocre box, at best, with items that are by no means exclusive. Not to mention, that most kids who purchase these boxes are collectors, who subscribed specifically to get an exclusive collectible figure and cool t-shirt. The Loot Crate Anime Odyssey post card, pictured below, specifically states that you get either a glass or figure that are from past loot crates. In addition, the T-shirt is also from Past Loot Crates. How is that exclusive?

Loot Crate Anime Odyssey Post card
Enclosed Post card

The only exclusive item in the box is the coffee cup and bumper sticker, what kid would be excited about getting a coffee cup?

Moreover, the bottom of the post card has a disclaimer apologizing for not including the advertised gen:LOCK this month. They hope to include it in a future crate. This is major false advertising. Therefore, I requested they pick up this box and refund the money for the last two crates. We will see if I get a reply. Based on forums, the odds are not good.

Loot Crate Anime Odyssey Crate Contents

Below are photos of each item received, you can judge for yourself if this is worth waiting months and a regular price tag of $28.95. Sadly, I found many of the items for sale on Ebay.

Naruto Shippuden Glass

This item is from the Naruto crate from October 2016. 

Kind of scary when it has a warning label: hand wash and cold liquids only. Not high quality and you can find tons of these for sale on EBAY for $8- $10 >> Click here to see these on Ebay

 Naruto Shippuden Glass
Naruto Shippuden Glass

Overwatch Anniversary T-Shirt

This item is from the Overwatch Loot Gaming Crate from May 2018. 

You can find tons of these for sale on EBAY for $10+ >> Click here to see these on Ebay

Overwatch Anniversary T-Shirt - Loot Crate Anime Odyssey March 2019
Overwatch Anniversary T-Shirt

Yume Bumper Sticker

Yume Bumper Sticker - Loot Crate Odyssey
Yume Bumper Sticker

Ninja Red Bull

You can find tons of these for sale on Ebay $8+>> Click here to see this item on EBAY

Ninja Red Bull - loot crate anime odyssey

RE: zero Mini tea cup

Hand wash only and no soak warning.  The no microwaving warning makes me wonder what material chemicals the cup coating contains.

RE:zero Mini Tea cup
RE: zero Mini Tea Cup

In Conclusion

Save your money and purchase a subscription box from a company with more integrity. Honestly, they would be better off delaying the shipment a little longer, in lieu of sending out things from Past Loot Crates. This defeats the purpose of their business model, consequently, I don’t expect Loot Crate to survive much longer.

We plan to try out the Funko POP subscription boxes. You can get a new POP each month for $10.99 and they have a collection tracker to prevent duplicates and blacklist POPS you prefer not to receive, or better yet choose a Genre.

We hope this Blog post was informative and it no way associated or sponsored by Loot Crate or Funko Pop. This was our chance to Rant our displeasure and hopefully save others from the frustration of wasting their hard earned money.

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