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We specialize in professional product video production and use the latest software to create unique and effective videos. Our product videos highlight each product and demonstrate the benefits. Particularly utilizing visual elements, dynamic videography, and catchy background music. In fact, we can create short and dynamic amazon product videos to post on your product pages. We can create simple product videos to show your product and show how to use a product. We would love to create your next Product Demo Video.


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ALLWEI Portable Power Generator

Video Details: We created a dynamic Intro with titles. Applied a shake effect, animation, color grading, color matching, glow effect, black & white, and masking. Lastly, we added sound effects, and royalty free music.


Artlii Portable DLP Mini Projector 

Video Details: We created a unique intro. Applied call-out-titles, masking, speed zoom, app features, contrast, color grading, and 3d elements. We also used compelling sound effects that tied in with the theme.


Pingko Digital Alarm Clock

Video Details: We created a intro that works with the theme. Each scene with the model was done professionally by me. We created several animation for the client (alarm clock, speed time, etc...). The audio used is royalty free.

TOMEFON Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

Video Details: Tried to make a catchy video that was appealing and unique. There are many special effects included in the video.  Some of the special effects are: trim paths throughout the video, scanning, zoom through, and text effects. The audio is royalty free.

Pixel Ring Light

Video Details: We created a unique Intro. Applied trim path, glow, titles, split screen, black & white, tint, color grading, and color matching effects. We used compelling sound effects and royalty free music.

BenQ e-Reading Lamp

Video Details: We created a unique and dynamic into. Applied panning and tilt to highlight the product details. Utilized animated titles, transitions, color grading, and color matching to enhance the video. Lastly we used sound effects and royalty free music to add excitement.

WochiTV Toilet Grab Bar

Video Details: This video is a How to, step-by-step, video with the detailed installation process. We applied a short intro, sliders, titles, sound effects, royalty free music, and voice over describing the steps.

PINGKO Digital Alarm Clock 

Video Details: We created a dynamic intro highlighting the product. We applied call out titles of the features and small corner demo video that coincides with the call out titles. Lastly we added sound effects and royalty free music with a compelling beat.

Bullymake November 2018 Subscription Box

Video Details: We created a dynamic intro. Applied titles and transitions to highlight the contents of the subscription box. Lastly, we added sound effects, voice over description, and royalty free music.

Attom Tech 5000mAh Slim Power Bank

Video Details: Created a quick intro that leads into a scene which indicates the features of the product with call-out-titles. The next scene shows how fast the charger charges and leads to a several scenes that shows were the product can be used.

Razer Electra V2 7.1 Surround Sound Headset

Video Details: We used double exposure in the intro. Applied masking, color grading, color matching, call out titles, zoom, speed ramping, reverse, and scatter effect. We created a dramatic effect with sound and royalty free music.

Simfonio Electric Pressure Cooker

Video Details: Client wanted a unique video that showed the features and settings. The uses trim paths, scaling, positioning, etc... Audio in the video is royalty free.

Uflyy Pull Up Bar

Video Details: Did some creative freedom, although; the client did not like it and wanted something more basic.