I really like the digital photo frame. It has great resolution, audio, remote, and features. The photo frame has a easy to use navigation menu that is very responsive. The remote range is about 25 to 30 feet with responsive buttons. Setup is as easy as just pressing the navigation menu with the remote and selecting the preferred setting to change. Use the arrow keys to change selection and enter button to select. Adding images, mp3, and movies is easy with just importing them through either a USB thumb drive, SD, MMS, or MC card. The power connects through the outlet power adapter that is included.

What I am most impressed about the frame is the video and audio resolution. I have a $ 350 tablet and the resolution and audio is just as good or better then my tablet (Samsung Tab A). The audio is crisp and clear. The audio is able to get loud if needed. The frame is cut clean and doesn’t have any manufacturing issues. Overall, this is a great digital frame that my family will enjoy looking at images in.