The design of the double watch winder is elegant and eye catching. It is a well crafted and a reliable winder. The varnish looks stylish and old and the leather is soft and thick. The glass is easy to see through and gives a nice visual while it rotates. The winder is able to operate through a cable adapter and battery.

What really makes the winder a great gift is the well crafted wood and detail of the finish. The white box with just the logo is a little to be desired, although; thankfully the winder is top quality.


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One thing I was truly impressed by is the how silent the winder is and how smooth the top opens. The glass is thick and yet easy to see through. The winder box is the perfect size for on top of any dresser mirror.


The leather is soft and well sewn. It is easy to remove the pillow and replace it with a watch. The bottom can be removed and adjusted if it moves out of place.



The winder has 4 unique settings:

Mode 0: Winder is off

Mode 1: Clockwise only:Run 2 mins,6 mins rest and repeat cycle

Mode 2: Counter-clockwise only:same as Mode1

Mode 3: Run 2 mins Counter-clockwise
Rest 6 mins
Rotate 2 mins Counter-clockwise
Rest 6 mins

Mode 4: Rotate 5 mins Clockwise and 5 mins Counter-clockwise,

the cycle will last about 3 hrs and rest 9 hrs before repeat again



There is a on/off switch in the back of the unit and to the side is a is a port that can be used to connect the cable adapter that is included to a outlet.



The unit can also run by x2 D battery.


Overall, the winder is elegant in design and timeless. It can run both by outlet and battery. The knob turns and operates instantly, while the unit runs silently not interrupting any quite moment. There are 4 program settings that rotate clockwise and counterclockwise to keep the watch time correct. It is a truly beautiful design.