This is literally the Rolls-Royce of office chairs. The chair fits your body like a glove, and reminds me of a high end sports car seat. The padding is in the perfect locations to give your bottom and back ample support and comfort. It feels like a comfortable easy chair. Most office chairs are stiff and the bottom cushion feel s hard and uncomfortable after a few hours. This seat supports the weight of your body and feels just as comfortable after a few hours.

The reclining position is very comfortable and the chair positions easily up and down. There is an extra cushion that matches the chair, in case, you need extra support for the lower back. I find the chair more comfortable without the extra cushion, which is the equivalent to having a matching throw pillow. The swivel base looks like chrome on a high end sports car, they did very well keeping the sports car look and feel with this chair.

My husband just had a microdiscetomy on his lower back and has issues sitting without compression, this chair allows him to sit comfortably without feeling like his spine is compressed. I have to also mention how well this chair was packaged. Every piece was wrapped with either cardboard or plastic and secured tightly in the double cartoned box. The maker of this chair put a lot of time and effort into the look, feel, and delivery of their product. Definitely a chair worth splurging for!