The BÖHM Impact Plus Wireless Bluetooth Speaker really stands out and is one of the best wireless bluetooth speakers out there. I have bought many Bluetooth speakers in the last few years. Some have been great, while others have crackling, audio jumps, and other issues. It is hard to evaluate an audio speaker, although; after testing many, I know now what I am looking for in my sound quality.


The BOHM Impact Plus is a standalone speaker with dual pairing, IPX4 waterproof, 100 ft range, and 40w of power. This BOHM bluetooth speaker has a modern design and is lightweight, in fact, only weighs 6.1 pounds.


I was able to setup two devices easily with the BOHM Wireless Speaker. The Bluetooth ID is: BOHM B-76. The network router is able to pick up the speaker close to the feet mark, which is indicated on their website (tested at 75 feet).


There’s a reason why the BOHM Impact Plus sound quality is excellent. The speaker uses dual passive radiators that make the audio quality at high levels even sound clear and crisp. I tested the lows and high of the speaker and was amazed by how clean the transition sounded. The speaker gets high enough to use as a soundbar, party speaker, and other uses.


There are several ports on the back of the BOHM Speaker. The back of the speaker has a AUX port for connecting with headphones, USB port for use of the powerbank feature, and power port to connect to the power adapter that connects to the outlet.


This is one the best audio quality Bluetooth speakers I have used. The sound quality is beautiful, clear, and crisp. The bass gets loud enough without losing audio quality. The unit is lightweight enough that it is extremely portable. Overall, I am very impressed by the design and features of the BOHM Impact Plus speaker, and would recommend the unit to anyone looking to buy a quality Bluetooth speaker.


If you are interested in seeing more about the BOHM Impact Plus, click the Where to Buy link upper right or below on mobile and see the regular Amazon price (you must click to see the current price).

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