Big Bulky Beast, not very practical for a smaller kitchen.

The Cheftronic Kitchen Stand Mixer is a beautiful, bulky, shimmery, and an over-whelmingly impressive appliance upon first sight. The box is well packed and the mixer arrived in perfect condition. The blender pitcher is  thick high quality glass and  little heavy. I thought the mixer was made of metal or porcelain like my kitchen-aid stand mixer. Unfortunately the entire housing unit is made of plastic and the touch control panel mashes inwards as you press the buttons and doesn’t seem very responsive. That alone does not warrant the $299 price tag.

The mixer is way too large for a small kitchen. You would need a free standing island without cabinets above to be able to use this mixer with the blender on top. It is truly a heavy beast and much larger than the kitchen-aid. For me it looks pretty but isn’t practical and is not the quality I expected for the price tag. I found the add-on attachments and beaters a little hard to put on and the plastic housing that removes to attach the pitcher feels like it would break after many uses. It is bulky and heavy with suction cups on the bottom.

I guess it depends on what you are looking for. I will stick with my kitchen-aid mixer and gave this to a friend, who was very excited to receive it. It is definitely a great conversation piece.