I have tested many camera systems and this is one of the best out in the market. The dvr firmware is great, but does need a little improvement. Menu and easier navigating processes would simplify the information of data, and streamlines the customer experience. The cameras are one the clearest 1080P that I have experienced. The dvr build is excellent and monitor is top quality. The dvr also has 2 antenna’s that picks up the camera long distance.

The camera quality is excellent. I have tested the camera at about 35 feet and there was no looping, disturbance, or disconnect issues. I have a TP-Link AC5400 router and 110 Mbps download speed and 11.67 upload speed. I also use a Surfboard SB6141 modem. So with the combined spec’s of all the devices I haven’t had any issue with the security system. Storage is easily accessed through either APP or NVR system. The system has the ability to store for 30-90 days depending on settings.

The app works well and navigating through menu and changing data is simplistic and current. The menus are designed for easy use and quick video referencing. The camera is stated for 350ft of open space, so I would eliminate 40-50 for each wall or floor it has to penetrate/go through. The resolution of the daytime and nighttime video is superb. I was amazed by the video quality and night vision capability of the cameras. Overall, this is one of the best camera system that just needs to improve the NVR software and it will be perfect.


Camera Quality
LCD Screen in NVR
NVR Quality
Camera Distance


NVR Software


1. Make sure to attach the antenna in the back of both the NVR and Camera
2. Make sure to verify email