The video resolution and zooming option is extremely impressive in the app. The camera is well made and so far after almost 10 days of constant rain, I have yet to see any rain drops inside the unit. The camera wifi does have a long range. I tested the range at about 40-50 feet. The camera is impressive in its ability to rotate 355 and 90 degrees. It allows for viewing at any angle and for total security. This is a great camera in front near r=the door, or watching over a vehicle. Overall, the camera is well and the app/pc work amazingly.

Camera = Quality made and seals great. The resolution is 720p and looks almost 1080p. The camera is easy to install and doesn’t weigh as much as it looks. The only issue or troublesome part is replacing the SD card, which takes 15-20 minutes to take apart and install.

App = There are many features and the zoom in comes in handy. I really like how you can set every aspect of the camera (alarm, motion, etc…). The app is handy and pairing the camera take less than 5 minutes.

PC = This is the bread and butter of the camera. The PC version allows for easier movement and manipulation of settings. Zooming in is fun, and it is easy to spy on people, or making sure your property is secured


1. The bar scan for pairing/connecting the camera is located in the front of the manual
2. Change 50hz to 60hz (60hz is US standard)
3. If you change the SD make sure to format it through the App or PC version
4. Set the time/date and alarm
5. Set the motion detection