The standing mat does a great job at reducing pressure on my back. The item does come with a mesh bag for storage. The mat has a unique yet elegant design that complements our kitchen. It is a lot lighter than our other standing mat my wife and I purchase previously. The mat does make a lot of difference in back pain after 20+ minutes doing dishes and cooking. It reduces the pressure and pain, while also helping maintain better posture.

The mat also helps reduce tension and soreness on the legs, knees, and back. It helps cushion joints during long sessions. Cleaning the mat as easy as using a wash cloth or wet wipe to clean the mat. I am currently using the mat next to the kitchen sink, but will probably exchange it with my other mat that I use for as a standing mat.

Overall, the mat is a great item to have on hand if you have a back injury, knee issues, or feet and leg pain. The design complements the kitchen and is lightweight and easy to store.