The Razor brand is one of the leaders in the gaming industry.  At the present time, the Razor Electra V2 headset sells for $98.03, however, fluctuates between $74.99 to $100. The prices varies during sales and  on various websites. The Razor Electra V2 is a great price and value at $74.99 on


The Razor Electra V2 looks and feels like most gaming headsets that I have used in the past 5 years. The chassis is plastic, while the frame is lightweight with brushed uni-body aluminum. The headband is padded and easily adjustable, however, lacks significant cushion for long gameplay (over 5 hours)


My 9 year old son and I did not have any issues with comfort, nor the headset slide or move. Furthermore, the headset is extremely lightweight; weighing in at 10.4 ounces. The headband is easily adjustable. On a side note, long game play tends to get uncomfortable after awhile. Although, this could be due to the constant head movement and not the headset.

Audio Quality

Audio level quality is balanced. Which is impressive being that this is one of the lower end Razor headsets.  The user should not expect this Razer headset to perform like the more expensive models.

Microphone/Voice Quality

This is where I was really impressed. For the price point, the microphone stands out and is very similar in quality to Razor’s top end headsets. The boom mic does a great of transmitting loud and clear audio that is easily heard by other gamers. Removing the mic to replace it with an external mic is quick and easy and only takes 2-3 seconds.  In my opinion, this was the best feature of the headset.


In line with everything else I have stated so far, the unit packs in a decent amount of features and a great audio microphone. The 7.1 surround sound is submersive, while the boom mic is clear and loud. On the contrary, the only issue I found is with the audio, which could use some bass and different audio levels to separate the background, sound effects, and forefront.


In my opinion, the Razor Electra V2 headset sits in between a $65 to $80 value headset. While the frame and construction is sturdy; the unit just doesn’t have all the bells and whistle of a $100 price point headset one can find in today’s retail market.

Bottom Line

I was extremely impressed with the mic, comfort of the headset, and the 7.1 audio presence.  Although,

the unit lacked some features that I would have expected in that price range. Some of the features that need to be improved on are the audio, braided cord, usb adapter, and adjustment modifications for different head sizes.  In the end, the Razer Electra V2 headset is a great value at $74.99.