The Home8 security system has a impressive app, video resolution, and overall design. Everything about the system is well thought out, and adding accessories is as easy just purchasing a new device in including it into the existing system. The system allows for live streaming with a minor 1-2 second delay, notification system, siren, and 30 second event recording will be marked and stored for sending to the authorities.

The system does comes with free network attached storage (NAS) and automatic backup to Dropbox.


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One thing I enjoyed about the camera is the resolution and night vision feature. The video is clear and the color not degraded like most security cameras. The wifi range is about 300ft with no obstruction (walls). I did have some issue with the camera only providing pan field of view and no tilt. I am used being able to use both in security camera.



The modem is impressive  as it provides data privacy, dual firewall for anti sniffing, bank level video security, siren, and NAS video storage. The modem just plug into the back of your router with a CAT cable. It works just like plug-and-play and will then recognize the camera, window alarm, etc…

The app is extremely user friendly, flows smoothly, and easy to navigate. I really like the simplicity of finding my way around the menus without having to guess what the features are inside the menu. There are many settings that can be accomplished in the app and set for an individuals preference.  Adding device is quick after the initial setup of the modem and account. The app is wonderful and very eye catching.


Home8 does provide many devices that can be connected to the previous network and works through one app. The devices are fairly priced individually and range between $39.99 to $99.99.


Overall, the Home8 security system is a great system that can be expanded, and has excellent customer service, while also providing a quality camera and a unique experience.


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