The Hudway head up display works great with some minor issues. The transparent display does have its advantages and disadvantages. The display works great during the evening and at night, yet during the day/morning the display at times is hard to see. There are tips on how to account for the reflection during the day: adjusting screen brightness, selecting options in app, etc… The unit is well made and lightweight. Adjusting the angle of the display/monitor is easy. The mount and phone stays still and does wiggle or move.

There are many apps to choose from, although; a lot of them have great features you will be paying for the extension/widgets to expand your menu. The unit does come with a promo code to add to some of the apps. Some of the features of the apps that I enjoy are: gas meter, gps, and navigation. Some of the apps do have audio to assist in the navigation or to inform you of your speed.

The unit has been great to use during long trips and at night-time. Overall, the device is well made, there are many apps to choose from, some apps have premium features, and the unit is sturdy and does not fall.