This is a great dash cam with many features and settings. My wife and I really like the design of the dash cam. It stands out compared to the rest. Installing the SD card was quick and easy. The dash cam uses the “Sam Cam” app that has a clean navigation menu and many settings to choose from. The snapshot button is nice to have in case of emergency or just for fun. I was really impressed by the resolution and GPS system. The video looks amazing, and the GPS location finder works great while driving. The nigh time footage is clear and it is easy to see another drivers license plate number. Overall, I am very impressed by the video resolution, app, and the built in GPS system.

1. Make sure to clean window before adding mounting holder
2. Make sure to do the mounting holder on a sunny day
3. Format SD card before use (10 Class SD Card recommended)
4. Set date and time before use
5. Remove dash cam under 32 degrees and over 84 degrees
6. 60Hz is US standard


SD Card Link: