Package arrived quickly and well packaged. The box design is a plain black box with feature indicators text in the back.The sound quality of the earbuds are excellent and pairing the earbuds was quick and easy. The earbuds are very well balanced with slight amount of bass and tremble. I mostly use the earbuds during house shores and workout. The design of the earbuds allows for easy placement in the ear, material is lightweight, and it even has noise cancellation for removing ambient noise. Charging is quick and easy with the box case design. Overall, I love the cable-less/wireless design, charging box, and the balanced sound quality.

Paired With: Samsung Galaxy Core Prime
Pairing ID: S030 Stereo


1. Charging = Put the headset into charging case, then the lights turn red, after charging completed the lights turn green and off
2. Charging the Case = The lights turn red when charging,turn blue after completed.