The Mixcder HD401 Bluetooth Headphones are extremely comfortable and the audio is great. The Mixcder HD401 wireless headphones are terrific at reducing ambient noise, while, the audio is balanced with bass and the lows are crisp. Notably, the mid’s clear, and high’s even have some bass. I have used the headphones for 4-6 hours in a day, yet they are still comfortable.

Not only is the design is slick and modern, but also the mic is clear with some minor disturbance (probably ambient noise). I find that controlling the volume is easy with responsive buttons. In addition, expanding the headphones is quick and easy. Overall, I am impressed by the overall quality, comfort, and design.

Pairing Info:

Paired with: Samsung Galaxy Core Prime
Pairing ID: Mixcder HD401


1. Audio is determined by both the smartphone and headphone volume controls

2. When pairing make sure that the indicator light blinks constantly red and blue simultaneously

If you are interested in seeing more about the Mixcder HD401 Headphones, click the Where to Buy link upper right or below on mobile and see the regular Amazon price (you must click to see the current price).



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