I love the different modes and the charging feature the toothbrush has. The toothbrush lasts 30+ days with a full charge. My teeth have become whiter with this toothbrush. It does a great job of cleaning teeth. The 3 modes are great in case your gums are irritated. Charging the unit takes 20 hours for a full charge, although; the unit does come with a little bit of charge. It has a 2 minutes timer so you don’t over brush. The charger is small enough that it doesn’t take up to much space. The package does come with 5 total heads. This unit should lasts 4-5 months before having to replace the different heads. The heads are soft and gentle and feel good in the gums. The only downside is with the black unit, if the unit does not have enough charge the modes are hard to see. Overall, the toothbrush does extremely well at cleaning and preserving gum loss.


1. Charge toothbrush completely before use