This is a great baby video monitor that has excellent video resolution and audio. The baby monitor allows for freedom to do shores, play with other kids, and enjoy life without being tied down. The monitor has many features: 2 way talking, night light, night infrared vision, and temperature indicator. The audio and video quality is excellent and the lullabies are soothing.  There are 8 different lullabies that sound great.

The monitor screen can be turned off and audio continue to go at night. The unit is easy to setup and takes as little as 5 minutes to complete. It is plug and play. It is already synched and has clear and crisp video quality. The audio allows for individual to hear even a whisper. The unit has easy to use navigation menu. The unit is lightweight and the stand does a great job of keeping the camera in place. What I am most impressed with is the audio quality is crisp and easy to hear. Overall, this is an excellent baby monitor that has quality audio, soothing lullabies, and excellent video resolution.