Owning a 3D printer has been an adventure and it took some time getting used to the printer at first. I would advise allocating 10-15 minutes for the setup process.

First Time Experience

My first experience with the Cura software is that it is somewhat hard to figure out, and lags if you are using it on an inexpensive laptop. I would suggest locating it near a pc and connecting with the 3d printer. The on screen menu is easy to navigate and menu options are very responsive with very little lag. I really liked how quiet the unit was. Printing took about 5-6 hours, so make sure you are comfortable leaving the unit on possibly overnight before printing mid day.


One negative aspect is that the printer is a little heavy and takes some time to setup. So The Rock Space small lcd screen cuts off part of the menu options. This was one of the downsides of the unit that I experienced, in addition, the manual that could go more in depth and have better step-by-step processes. Lastly, the filament holder lacks adamant weight and does not spin well.

Final Shape

The printed shape was clean & lightweight with a few hairs of filament. Which you might have to cut off after printing.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this has been a great experience and has taught me to appreciate miniatures again. I had forgotten as an adult that allocating some time for play and creativity is needed to keep a healthy mind.

If you are interested in seeing more about the Rock Space Mini 3D Printer, click the Where to Buy link upper right or below on mobile and see the regular Amazon price (you must click to see the current price).


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