The Suaoki SM02 is a great digital multimeter with many features, great design, and extremely functional. I have used the Suaoki Digital Multimeter many times and enjoy the added flashlight and holster on the back that holds the probes.

The multimeter seems to be accurate, when tested against other multimeters. The design is perfect size and allows for your hand to fit around the unit without it slipping. To assist, the unit has anti slip grips on the side. The LCD screen is clear and easy to see without too much of a glare. The probes seems to be holding up with use and not breaking or having issues.

Overall, this is a great multimeter for a excellent price of under $50 with many settings and features. 

If you are interested in seeing more about the Suaoki SM02 Digital Multimeter you can click the Where to Buy link upper right and see the current Amazon price.



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