This is a great dishwasher magnet with a cool design. My wife and son love the image so much so that we bought the magnet instantly. It sticks easily to the dishwasher and keeps it looking stylish and modern. This is a fun clean dirty dishwasher magnet sign. The magnet is easy to use, just flip to the desired image that best represents the dishwashing cycle. The magnet is thin and lightweight, which makes adjusting the unit easy.

The only issue I have with the magnet is that the sticker on the ends peels off easily and quickly. This is especially if the sticker is peeling off already and I can only imagine when my hands are wet after doing dishes. Naturally after getting wet the sticker will peel off quicker. The peeling off has accord in less than a week. My suggestion is to provide a plastic cover or better design to protect the image. Overall, the design is cute and humorous, but the quality is lacking, and appeal dies quick when the image peels instantly.